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With pride and passion
We are extremely proud to be involved with, in our opinion, some of the best wineries in the world and it is no coincidence that many of the producers we first met in 1980 are still represented in our portfolio today.

Mixing it up
Alongside the experienced lurk the new kids on the block.  The guys and girls who have come along and challenged the old school, as well as shown their due respects.  Without this mix, we would not be able to offer the eclectic and diverse, contemporary and in some case award-winning wine portfolio of producers that we can.

Sharing ideas
Each year the vast majority of the wine makers we work with meet up and exchange ideas, share wines and great stories at our annual wine portfolio tastings.  We believe this is very much a part of what makes the final portfolio to our customers that little bit more compelling.

The classics and the 'off the wall'!
Any producer portfolio is not complete without the personalities.  There are those that create the classics; following the traditional methods and the associated oenological sciences.  Then there are those who do things their way; where innovation, nature, taking risks and challenging the ‘norm’ are just a part of their everyday wine making approach.

There's always something NEW... at Boutinot
How true this is!... it has to for us to keep the portfolio fresh and compelling.  Our specialist buyers are always talking to and sourcing new producers, as well as working with the current producers to create something new for the portfolio.

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