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BOUTINOT  - What’s all that about then?
Simply put, it’s all about the wine, always has been, always will be.  We love wines with that ‘drinkability’ factor.  They can be big or slight, racy or serious, famous or obscure but at the end fo the day, they have to be wines you actually want to drink and not just score out of 10.

We're confident about the quality of our wines and are always delighted at the recognition they receive - no more so than from the results of the Sommelier Wine Awards 2013, where we were awarded Merchant of the Year for the 5th year running:

We’re unapologetically commercial
We like to sell wine and so price and value are high on our priorities list.  As well as being agents for some of the best producers around, we also create a fair few bottles ourselves as producers - therefore we know better than most that whilst it’s relatively easy to make or find fantastic wines at £10+, it’s actually somewhat more difficult to do that at £5.

So, we invest a lot of time and effort at that lower end and we think we’re pretty good at it.  As you’ll see from the portfolio, we’re fairly savvy at the interesting bit in the middle and of course the downright daring and sexy stuff at the top end.

We're about people too
Some really good staff work at Boutinot and whether it's customer services department, logistics, sales or whatever, there is a culture here of people really wanting to understand your business - offering ideas, solutions and opportunities to help your business prosper.

Aging Well!
Having passed the thirty year milestone, we’ve learnt how to do most things quite well but are still up for a challenge and a bit of fun.  If you are an existing customer, you’ll already know this so just 
Log On and use the site for your business needs... but then don’t forget to actually speak with us every now and then too!

Try us out
If Boutinot is new to you then please have a good browse around our website via the search panel to your left.  If you'd like to know more or wish to speak to one of our Account Managers for a more in depth chat, then drop us a line through the
Contact Us form or pick up the phone as we love to talk all things ‘wine’.



"Without wishing to go over the top, this was a staggering performance from the Mancunian powerhouse. Boutinot have taken ownership of the Merchant of the Year Award since we started handing it out five years ago, but even by their standards, this was something else...the quality of wines coming in from this importer is exceptionally good… and if any final clincher were needed, take a look at the prices... excellent examples of the kind of honest wines that every list needs... something other submitters could learn from for next year.”

Chris Losh
SWA Competition Director