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Do you sell directly to the public?
No, that’s a job for our customers as we only sell to the Trade.  To find where you can purchase our wines, please contact us by phone +44 (0)161 908 1300 or drop us a note via our
Contact Us form telling us your location.

As a new Trade customer, who should I contact to open an account?
To request an Account Application form, either call our Boutinot general enquiry number +44 (0)161 908 1300 or complete the
Contact Us form.  Your request will then be passed on to the appropriate member of our sales team who will call to find out your exact requirements.

Who do you supply?
We sell to a broad range of customers from Independent specialists, through to major multiples, as well as the Restaurant trade.  In most instances we have wines which we offer exclusively to major multiples, so as not to undermine the credibility of Independent specialists and Restaurants.

What is your minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity for an Independent merchant trade customer is 50 cases (6 pack or equivalent), which may be made up of any products across our entire portfolio.  For Restaurant customers our minimum order value is £250 +VAT.  For any other type of trade customer, please contact our customer services team on +44 (0)161 908 1300 or complete our Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you.

How soon after placing an order are you able to deliver in the UK / What are your delivery times?
Delivery times vary according to your location and the nature of the order.  In general, delivery takes 48 hours from placing your order (if received by 11am) for DPD trade customers.  For our on-trade customers in London, we offer a next day delivery service if your order is received by 2pm.  For Restaurant customers in the North West, we can specify a delivery day.  For lead times on ex-cellar orders, please contact your Account Manager or Contact Us or call +44 (0)161 908 1300

We go to great lengths to ensure deliveries reach you intact and on the day specified. Our network of dedicated couriers have been appointed to provide the best possible service throughout the UK.  Unfortunately, at this stage we cannot specify a delivery time slot.

Do you supply wine on a ‘sale or return’ basis?
No, we do not supply on a ‘sale or return’ basis?

What are your payment terms?
Unless stated otherwise, goods must be paid for within 30 days of the date on which we invoice them.

Which wines do you stock?
We supply a wide range of wines from across the world at all price points.  Wines are sourced from exclusive agencies, ranging from boutique wineries through to some of the world’s most renowned larger scale producers.  As a producer, we also make and source wines from some classic regions and bottle wines under our own brands. For further information visit the About Us page.

How often are price lists issued?
Main price lists are issued once a year, with updates issued in late autumn.  However, if there are any significant Tax Duty changes or exchange rate movements, interim price lists may be issued.  We are constantly looking for new and exciting additions to our portfolio which will be included in our price lists at the time of update.

Who do I contact if I am interested in joining Boutinot?
We’re always keen to meet talented, like-minded people that will fit into the Boutinot ‘family’.  Be warned, we’re a weird bunch but perfectly harmless…! 

Call us on our general enquiry number +44 (0)161 908 1300 or complete the
Contact Us form.

Can I order on-line?
Yes! But first you'll need to be issued with a Username and Password.  Contact our customer services team on +44 (0)161 908 1300 or complete the
Contact Us form.

How do I get a log on Username and Password?
It's easy.  If you already have an account with us, simply contact our Customer Services team or your Account Manager and request to be set up as an online customer – your Username and Password will be issued that same business day.

What happens if a wine is out of stock?
Whilst we strive to maintain adequate stock levels, out of stock situations do sometimes occur.  If this does occur, we will contact you and suggest an alternative wine or provide a longer-term solution.  

As a customer, you can access your own 'Vintage Update' report by logging onto our website - here you'll find vintage information specific to your buying history that helps predict when a vintage is due to change (based on historical sales).

We also send the ‘Boutinot in BRIEF’ email to customers (who wish to receive this) each month which contains a vintage update specific to your buying history.  To be added to our email list, please contact your Account Manager who will tick the necessary boxes on our system to ensure this notification is automatically forwarded to you and/or other members of your team.

Will Boutinot help with staff training / customer tastings?
Boutinot have a dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team who are more than happy to pass on their knowledge to your staff and customers.  We have two resident Masters of wine (MW) and a raft of staff with WSET Diploma and Certificate qualifications as well as Oenology / wine making qualifications.

Do you design wine lists for on-trade customers?
With a dedicated team looking after the needs of the on-trade, Boutinot are able to produce wine lists for customers who purchase at least 50% of their wine from us.  In most cases, the service is offered free of charge and can be tailored to your specific needs.  For more information, please contact your Account Manager. 

How do you define Vegetarian and Vegan wine?
Of course wine is made from grapes, but part of the production process includes improving the clarity of the wine (clarifying) through fining.

Clarifying involves the addition of fining agents to bond with suspended particles, including soluble substances in the wine, and cause them to precipitate out – removing unwanted elements that may cause a wine to appear hazy or discoloured, or taint the wine in any way.  Based on information concerning all stages of the wine’s production, the following definitions have been used as a guide to classify our wines as ‘Vegetarian’ and/or ‘Vegan’:

‘NOT suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans’ - fining agents used on these wines may have contained animal-derived products such as Gelatine, Chitosan & Isinglass.

'Acceptable for Vegetarians’ - fining agents used on these wines may have contained animal by-products such as Casein (from milk), Egg Albumen. 

‘Suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans’ - fining agents used on these wines only contained substances products such as Bentonite clay and activated carbon i.e. NON animal-derived and/or NON animal by-product substances. 

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